Mori Motonari, is a former antagonist in the anime, Mori is the leader of Saigoku Three. She made her first appearance in the ninth episode of the series.

Role Edit

In her introduction to Nobunaga and her retainers, Mori states that she was born in Miyashima and raised by Aki. She is eventually defeated in the anime, after fighting in a duel with Nobunaga, with her and Mitsuhide taking the piece of Mori Motonari's Crimson Armour, at the end of the anime she sides with Oda Nobunaga to defeat an evil Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mori has dark blue hair which reaches above her shoulders, a pale skintone and small piercing red eyes. She wears a very tight bra with a red and black dress, she wears a black hat, red boots and carries a large blade and brush with claws which completely substitutes her left arm.

Mori describes herself as having elegant eyes, beauty and talent and is known throughout her land for her skill as a general. Mori talks in a sly tone. She is not as fast-paced or aggressive as Motochika and is more mature and skilled than Sourin. She is more on the feminine side for a warrior like Yoshimoto.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her weapon is a gigantic Blade Brush which can not only pound enemies but also discover secrets, she also uses a special anaesthetic which halts Nobunaga's movements.

Trivia Edit

Like all characters she is named after a real important person from the Warring States