Chosakabe Motochika is a former antagonist of the anime, and a member of the group, Saigoku Three. She made her first appearance in episode 9.

Role Edit

She is the first introduced member of Saigoku Three and claims to have been born and raised in Katsurahama. In a battle, Motochika is eventually defeated by Nobunaga and Mitsuhide who take her part of the Crimson Armour. In the finale, Motochika alongside Mori Motonori and Ootomo Sourin help the other warriors in the series, defeat an evil Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Motochika has a large muscular body and lightly tanned skin. She has green spiky hair styled in a bob cut, with aggressive purple eyes. She wears a red top with baggy trousers, a skirt made of armour, and arm pads on her arms, she wears a pink cape which is tied around her waist and a red helmet and demon's mask on her head, her weapon is an axe.Her outfit is slightly similar to Shingnen's.

Motochika has a quiet yet fierce confidence, she's very serious, tough and intense in battle.She is also shown to be fair and forgiving, as she helped Oda Nobunaga, defeat an evil Tokugawa Ieyasu, when she didn't have to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Motochika is agile and muscular she can beat up her enemies, she carries a massive axe which can break through any kind of barrier.

Trivia Edit

Like all the characters she is named after and based off a real life Japanese feudal lord.

Her design might possibly be inspired by a crocodile, with her green hair, dominating figure and scaly- reptilian like armour.