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Oda Nobusada also known as Nobusada-dono, was the biological grandmother of Oda Nobunaga. She was a previous Lord of Owari before Nobunaga and her mother. Nobusada appears to be an old, wise and loving woman, she is only seen in a flashback story Nobunaga was telling to Hideyoshi in the sixth episode. She describes women's hearts as being like rivers, as women will often feel the need to fight back in times of dangers. In the finale Oda told Hideyoshi, that she taught her what this quote meant.


A young Nobunaga and her mother were arguing because of Nobunaga's rather troublesome behaviour. Nobusada told her daughter that she could teach her granddaughter a lesson and that she should put her trust in her. She took Nobunaga for a horse ride outside whilst it was raining. She gave Nobunaga some important advice and gave her a smoking cane which she can often be seen gripping onto throughout the anime.


Nobusada, has a beige complexion, long, grey hair and small yellowish eyes which resemble her granddaughter's, she wears a green kimono.