Ootomo Sourin is a former antagonist in the anime and a member of the group, Saigoku Three. She made her first appearance in Saigoku Maidens (episode 9).

Role Edit

Ootomo Sourin is a member of the group, Saigoku Three with leader, Mori Motonori and Motochika Chosakabe. The members of Saigoku Three individually introduced themselves to Nobunaga and her retainers, including Sourin, who said that she is a Higo born warrior and despite her angelic appearance, she has a demon's temper. After their introductions, the Saigoku Three are tickled until they are lying on the floor by Hideyoshi. Then then rise up and tell Nobunaga and her retainers the location of their parts of the Crimson Armour, but trick the group and kidnap Hideyoshi, holding her captive. Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide venture on with plans of getting the trio's parts of the Crimson Armour and rescuing Hideyoshi. Mitsuhide fights Sourin and Motochika to rescue Hideyoshi. Whilst Nobunaga finds she has to duel with Motonori. Saigoku Three are eventually overpowered and defeated by Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, who carry their bodies on the backs and take their parts of the Crimson Armour.

At the end of anime, the Saigoku Three team up with Nobunaga and the other warriors in the series, to defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu, who launched an attack to Nobunaga's castle, after her powers and wicked intentions were enhanced by putting on the Crimson Armour. This shows that the Saigoku Three left their rivalry and bitterness with the three main characters in the past.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ootomo has long, blonde hair, worn down, she wears a long blue cloth veil over her head (a bit like a nun) with a blue top revealing her stomach and a necklace with tiny golden cross, a long blue skirt split in the middle showing a white petticoat and blue parts of armour on her hips, hand and shoulders, she wears a metal belt around her waist.

Ootomo is childlike like Hideyoshi, she is heavily reliant on her Don Frankie Cannon and also is seen to whinge and fuss when things don't go her way. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As portrayed as the youngest, she is the least trained, however she is fairly quick and can dodge attacks with ease. Her primary weapon is a Don Frankie Cannon, that she brags about which shoots Cannons.

Trivia Edit

She is named after Ootomo Sourin, lord of the Ootomo clan, he was one of few men in the Warring States Era, to convert to Christianity.

Christian and European influence is shown in the fictional character Sourin through the Christian cross necklace she wears and her Cannon is a weapon, which historically, in the time of the Warring States was only used in Europe.

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