Shiro, is a supporting character of Battle Girls Time Paradox. A male dog who is knowledged in Time and the World, Shiro is the only male in the female only Warring States dimension and instantly attracted to all the females. He usually only speaks to and appears around Hideyoshi in the series.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Shiro, is a white dog, hence his name, he has a short rather stocky body, wide eyes and a fluffy tail, he can often be seen wearing a ninja helmet with a golden crescent moon like Masamune's.

Shiro has a serious personality but when thinking to himself, he can completely change to a dreamy, gentle character. He is also hopelessly perverted, and once spyed on Nobunaga and Hideyoshi in the bath. In the episode, Drama Maidens he tried to help Hideyoshi come up with a plot for her play, by proposing three different storylines, but Hideyoshi didn't except any of his ideas because they were all innappropriate.


His voice actor is Daisuke Ono in the anime.

Shiro's name means 'white' in Japanese.